I'm made of flesh and bones

I'm not made of jagged stones

Walking on glass leaves me with cuts

I heal when I'm alone 


And pressure turns to diamonds

I'm a diamond in the rough

But too much pressure over time

Kills and I get crushed 


I'm not afraid to say

Not ashamed to admit it

I'm not made of carbyne

Why's it hard for you to see it?


Yeah I'm tough and I shoot

Arrows, fists into the air

But I can only take so much

So why aren't you aware?


Cause I'm fragile

Like a glass heart on a table, on the edge

little fragile 

I'm not rubber and I break when I bend 

I can't handle

All the pressure got me walking on the ledge

I'm trying but I'm just human


Nothing hurts but sticks and stones

Better off when I'm alone

Take off my armor, strip it off

My tender heart, my home

Don’t you know, I'm a warrior

Don't try to mess with me

Cause I'll put up a fight, I'd rather not

I just need peace 


Pre chorus




Little fragile

Like a rose don't let me wither and die

Little fragile

Like the lightest cloud drifting through the sky

I can't handle

Life's hard whip, I can't keep bleeding 

And I try

To be the best, I’m just human


I'm strong 

But I'm vulnerable

Through heat

Through the push and pull


I'm strong

But not flexible

I bend with

All my control


I can't be twisted

I’m only human

Why do you fail to understand?


I try to be free like the ocean 

But I still freeze over again 




I’m just human